Quality promise

»We define quality as the perfect symbiosis of cleanliness and value preservation in harmony with the environment.«
When selecting our clothing, quality fabrics and modern materials are becoming increasingly important, this is especially true for young, fashion-conscious buyers. For sustainable value retention, individual, gentle care and cleaning is a crucial factor.
While detergents are often limited to only a high washing power, our products are also designed for personalised and careful treatment of the fibres. In doing so, the clothes are not put through unnecessarily stringent washing processes. Each washing process is stressful for our clothes and we want it to look just as it looked on the first day even after many washes.
More than 170 years of experience in laundry care allows us to specifically respond to the new demands of our customers - as most washes no longer serve to remove stubborn stains. Dalli products provide gentle detergency so that our garments are worn in comfort. This protects the laundry while conserving our environment.
For stubborn stains, we recommend taking a look at our ABCs of Laundry. Here you can get valuable tips for special cases.