Principles of the dalli-group

The dalli-group is an innovative, achievement-orientated company with high-quality products.
The customer orientation, the health of our employees and respect for them as people, environmental protection and safety are of equal standing as company objectives.
This basis complemented by the qualification, dedication and flexibility of our employees ensures customer satisfaction and the necessary economic success of our company.
● Permanent profits are a condition for the long-term development of our company. They are based on the performance of each employee, regardless of his position and the hierarchy.
● The constant improvement of our processes and systems as permanent company target as well as process orientated teamwork and exemplary behaviour on the part of management at all levels is the basis of joint action for the well-being of the employees and the company.
● The obligation of the management to the qualification of their employees, the commitment and the achievement of our employees are the crucial factors for success.
● A substantial element to secure the future of our company is a customer-orientated development of products with reliable quality and high benefit for the consumer.
● The attention to and improvement of the working and operational safety, prevention of accidents and the maintenance of health are a constant obligation for everyone.
● We act in an ecologically responsible manner for the protection of the environment.
● All the ethical, legal and regulatory requirements are met as a minimum standard.
These principles represent an orientation framework for all employees. They are supplemented by the guidelines for quality, safety and health protection, environment and energy as well as the integrated management system.
The directors commit themselves to informing the employees about the principles and guidelines as well as supplying organisational and financial resources for the implementation of the management system.