Sustainability & Environmental Protection

Since the very beginning, we in the dalli Group have taken environmental questions and social concerns so seriously in order to meet the social expectations of a company acting in a socially responsible manner.
Our actions are shaped by our dedication to environmental protection and to the health of our employees, customers and the end consumers of our products.
We create a tangible added value because we facilitate and improve the lives of the users. The combination of high product quality and the responsibility for people and the environment is a matter of course for us.
All of the activities of our corporate group are oriented towards the sustainable development of our products. Among other things, this involves the energy-saving design of our production processes and responsible handling when selecting and using raw materials. In order to keep the consumption of raw materials as low as possible, we constantly develop product technologies which save natural resources.
Our high-quality recipes reduce the required usage quantities of the products and the energy and water resources required for the use of the products. If at all possible, we use ingredients based on regenerated raw materials.
The security of our production facilities, products and their ingredients are as high a priority for us as the safety of our employees, customers and consumers.
Our social responsibility is particularly expressed in the creation and maintenance of jobs with fair working conditions and the constant qualification of our employees. We cooperate on a partner-like business.
As the brand leader, we contribute to economic development as well as societal and social equality and progress with high-quality products at fair prices.