Founding of the company


Beginning of soap production

Construction and installation of the first stem boiler for production of laundry and personal care soaps

Delivery and distribution of soaps on hand carts and horse carts

1867 - specialisation and expansion of soap production for the textile industry

1868 - licence granted to a company in Paris


Beginning of washing powder production

Washing and soap powder production begins under the name DALLI-SEIFE

The plant is ahead of its time by creating its own electricity with a water-powered turbine


Dalli becomes a brand

The name "dalli" is registered as a trademark with the Imperial Patent Office

The company has its first telephone line installed already in 1890


Company move to its current headquarters

Acquisition of a new site on Zweifaller Straße in Stolberg in the Rhineland, not far from the former headquarters

Leading the way for its time, typewriters are already in use at the company in 1904 and the company already had its head of advertising

Purchase of the Zweifaller Strasse grounds in Stolberg (Rhineland), Germany

It remains the company’s headquarters today

Cutting-edge – the company was already using typewriters in 1904, and employed an advertising specialist


Beginning of industrial mass production

The plant was converted into a modern industrial operation with investments in the latest technology of the day; already 150 employees

The increased demand led to our first subsidiary in 1910 and by 1912 the first lorry is delivering dalli products to our customers


Acquisition of two soap factories

Acquisition of two soap factories in Berlin and Vienna

The company is growing and at this point has more than 700 employees.


Entry into the private label business

Started production of the Tandil brand for trade customer Aldi, laying the foundation for our private label business


Expansion of the private label business

Good external and internal factors led to the expansion of production facilities in Stolberg to around 2,000 employees

Investment in staff facilities at the plant including a canteen, a cleaning station, a social hall and a plant library


Expansion of our laundry care competence

Acquisition of NICCO-Werk GmbH in Bonn-Beuel to expand our brands and products in laundry care


Acquisition of a Dutch detergent factory

Purchase of a detergent factory in the Dutch town of Heerde, with more than 100 employees, adding the De-Klok brand to our brand and private label business


Further expansion

Expansion of the product range with the acquisition of the Dutch company DICOM B.V. and Reinelt Produktions-GmbH with locations in Heerlen-Hoensbroek, Friedberg and Westerburg, each location with around 150 employees


Expansion of the beauty products range

Acquisition of cosmetics and personal care manufacturer WIN COSMETIC GmbH & Co. KG in Florsheim-Dalsheim with some 270 employees


Expansion of the personal care product range

Establishment of CULT COSMETIC GmbH & Co. KG in Weinheim


Expansion of the aerosol business

Establishment of WIN AEROSOL GmbH & Co. KG in Westerburg


Entry into the natural cosmetics business

Acquisition of CEP Cosmetic Entwicklungs- und Produktionsgesellschaft mbH in Salzhemmendorf


Expansion of the bleach business

Acquisition of a Spanish bleach manufacturing facility with nearly 70 employees


New washing powder factory

Acquisition of a washing powder production facility in Warth, Austria with more than 60 employees


Withdrawal from bleach manufacturing

Withdrawal from the Spanish bleach market with simultaneous sale of the Spanish production plant


Expansion into Romania

Acquisition of a manufacturing plant in Timisoara (Romania) with more than 195 employees.